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Point Input


Creates an audio input to be used with a signal controller.

(make-point-input ... )

Syntax and Default Values

An audio input into the Modalys workspace can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(make-point-output  channel scalar )


The (make-point-input ... ) function takes up to two arguments:

  • channel: input channel number (default 0, i.e. channel 1).
  • scalar: (optional) value or controller to scale the amplitude of the samples (default 1).

As with the point-output function, the channels are numbered starting from 0.

The scalar can either be a static numerical value or a controller, which could be used to vary the volume dynamically (i.e. to create a fade-in, fade-out, etc...).


The (make-point-input ...) function should be used with (make-controller 'signal ...) in order to create a controller that can be used to manipulate parameters in Modalys. For example:

(setq my-input (make-point-input 0))
(setq my-controller (make-controller 'signal 1 my-input))
A multi-dimensional controller can be created like this:

(setq my-input0 (make-point-input 0))
(setq my-input1 (make-point-input 1))
(setq my-controller (make-controller 'signal 2 my-input0 my-input1))


There are no additional options for this function.