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Save Modal Object


Saves an object's modal data in a file.

(save-object ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The (save-object ... ) function can be called using the following Lisp syntax:

(save-object name_of_object
             file_name )


The save-object function takes two arguments:

  • name_of_object: name of the object whose modal data is to be saved.
  • file_name: name of destination file (in quotes).


Almost any object created in Modalys can be saved using save-object (although note that hybrids cannot be saved). This can save a lot of time if the object has a lot of modes because these files take a long time to compute. After an object is saved, it can be retrieved using (make-object 'read-from-file ...) When an object is retrieved, it is treated exactly the same as if it had been freshly calculated.

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