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Set Object Pitch


This allows the pitch of an object to be adjusted by modifying a particular physical parameter.

(set-pitch ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The (set-pitch ... ) function can be called using the following Lisp syntax:

(set-pitch object_reference parameter_string value)

(set-pitch object_reference parameter_string controller)


The (set pitch ... ) function requires the following arguments:

  • object_reference: name of the object on which the access will be located.
  • parameter_string: the physical parameter which will be modified to tune the object.
  • value, controller: a numerical value or a Modalys controller used to determine the pitch (in Hz).


The parameter string will depend on the object being modified. Refer to the object's reference page for a list of which parameters can be adjusted for that object. A list of some of the commonly used possible parameter strings is as follows:

  • 'density
  • 'length
  • 'mass
  • 'radius
  • 'size
  • 'stiffness
  • 'tension
  • 'thickness
  • 'young



Modalys also has an older syntax for pitch adjustment:

(with-pitch-adjustment parameter_string value object_reference)
Although this older syntax is still available for reasons of compatibility (it basically does the same thing without the convenience of optionally using a controller), it has been deprecated and its use is therefore discouraged.