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Position Connection


Sets the position of an access.

(make-connection 'position ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The 'position connection can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(make-connection 'position access_reference position_controller weight)


The 'position connection takes three arguments:

  • access_reference: any access.
  • position_controller: a controller specifying the access position (in meters) over time.
  • weight: (optional) controller weighing the interaction.

The position controller is a one-dimensional controller that specifies the access position (in meters) over time.

The weight controller is optional. If not provided, it defaults to 1.


Along with 'speed and 'force, 'position is one of the most basic Modalys controllers. It is generally most effectively used with a mass object of some sort.

The position connection forces an access point to follow a position — specified by the position_controller — over time. It is fairly simple, but has a small quirk which must be clearly understood. When the position connection is made, it immediately peeks at the starting value of the controller that it gets. It sticks that number into the access's position box. Hence, one is guaranteed initially that the object is not excited in any way. Thereafter, as the position changes, the access point is “pulled” to follow the controller's position value (units are in meters).


There are no special options for this connection.

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