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Make Plot


Initialize a graph for plotting data obtained from a controller.


Syntax and Default Values

The (make-plot) function can be created using the following Lisp syntax:



This command initializes a graph, and returns a reference to it. It has no additional parameters.


You should use (make-plot) before calling any of the other plotting functions, since they need the reference to the graph it creates. Here is a simple example of how to use this plotting feature (the resulting graph is shown, above):

(setq my-env (make-controller 'envelope 1 '((0 0) (1 1) (2 0))))
(setq graph (make-plot))
(plot-value graph "my-envelope" my-env)
(run 2)
(plot graph "My Plotted Controller Data")
Naturally, the (new) command deletes all plots when it clears the workspace.



In very old versions of Modalys, the plot feature worked slightly differently. Older scripts may need to be updated to the new syntax.