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Piano Soundboard


The piano-soundboard object is based on measurements of a real piano made by Philippe Derogis for his PhD thesis at IRCAM.

The geometrical characteristics of a piano soundboard include:

    • the mesh of the soundboard itself (13 x 13 points)
    • trimming rims (creating nodal lines)
    • bridges

piano-soundboard.dat / piano-soundboard2.dat

Syntax and Default Values

This object is in the form of fixed modal data, and must be created using the Read from File object (choosing one of two available piano soundboard models):

(make-object 'read-from-file "/mos/mod-anal/piano-soundboard.dat")

(make-object 'read-from-file "/mos/mod-anal/piano-soundboard2.dat")


Both the piano-soundboard and piano-soundboard2 objects were created from measurements of actual piano soundboards. Therefore, it is impossible to modify their physical parameters.


A piano-soundboard object is seen by Modalys as a specific type of rectangular plate. Therefore, accesses on a piano-soundboard object must be defined in the 'normal direction:

(make-access my-sndbrd my-2D-controller 'normal)


There are no special options for this object.


See example ex2-piano-soundboard.mos (struck string attached to the soundboard) and ex2-piano-soundboard-2.mos (two struck strings attached to the soundboard and tuned very close to each other) for further details.

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