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Load Modalys Script


Loads a Modalys script file into Modalys.

(load ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The (load ... ) function can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(load filename)


The (load ... ) function takes one argument:

  • filename: pathname of Modalys script to be loaded. (in quotes.)

The pathname of the Modalys script should be provided in quotes. The path is relative to the Modalys application, unless it begins with a slash, in which case it is an absolute path from the root directory of the hard disk. The syntax for the path follows the syntax rules of your operating system.


The (load) function can be useful when you have a lot of Modalys scripts that you want to run in succession. In this case, each script will probably use the (save-aiff ... ) command to save the calculated sound to disk. The following command will load and evaluate the Modalys plucked string example script:

(load "Examples/lisp/Ex1.lisp")



Once upon a time, the file extension (.mos at that time) did not need to be given. It is now necessary to include the extension, so you should make this modification when updating older Modalys scripts.