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Hybrid Accesses


Creates an access on a hybrid object.

(make-hybrid-access ... )

Syntax and Default Values

A hybrid access can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(make-hybrid-access hybrid_object_reference access_ref1 access_ref2)


the make-access function requires the following arguments:

  • hybrid_object_reference: name of the hybrid object on which the hybrid access will be located
  • access_ref1: name of a standard access on the the first object in the pair from which the hybrid is derived
  • access_ref2: name of a standard access on the the second object in the pair from which the hybrid is derived


Well, the trick to making a hybrid access is that before you make the hybrid, you need to make a bunch of accesses on the individual objects. You need to do this because when you actually make the hybrid object, the original objects “evaporate” as far as Modalys is concerned - they are “used up” as the hybrid is produced, and can no longer be referenced. Therefore, to specify an access on the hybrid, you take one each of the accesses on the component objects (which are now like “ghost” accesses since they are on evaporated objects) and you call make-hybrid-access using the ghost accesses you have already defined.

Here is the correct procedure for making a hybrid object and hybrid accesses. First, make the objects that will become part of the hybrid:

(setq my-plate (make-object ...))
(setq my-twomass (make-object ...))
Then make the accesses on these original objects that will turn into “ghosts”:

(setq my-plate-ghost-acc (make-access my-plate ...))
(setq my-twomass-ghost-acc (make-access my-twomass ...))
After you have created all the accesses you will need, you can then create the hybrid object. Doing this will cause the original two objects to “evaporate”:

(setq my-hybrid (make-object 'melt-hybrid my-plate my-twomass (make-controller ...)))
Now you can make an access on the hybrid, by combining the original two accesses associated with the hybrid's original two objects:

(setq my-hybrid-acc (make-hybrid-access my-hybrid my-plate-ghost-acc my-twomass-ghost-acc))
The hybrid access can be used in any situation where a normal access can be used.



Although you can not use (get-info ... ) to query a hybrid's physical or modal parameters, you can use (get-info ... ) to get the speed, position and interaction force of a hybrid access!


This command used to be called (make-access-hybrid ...) - this syntax is obsolete and older files should be converted to use the new syntax.