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Object Reference

The following pages contain the individual Modalys object reference pages. The objects are organized in categories ranging from basic to complex instead of being ordered alphabetically.

Simple Mass-Spring Objects

These very basic general-purpose objects are commonly used as hammers, plectra, lips, bows, etc...

Strings and Rods

Tubes (Air Columns)



Bars (Wooden)

String Instrument Bridge Models

Nonlinear Models

These are special objects that integrate nonlinear waveguide models into the Modalys environment. They may use different physical parameters to describe them.

Other Objects

These objects are not created using physical properties, but can be used as objects in the Modalys environment.

External Data Objects and FIle I/O

Object data can additionally be read from a data file created in Modalys or externally.

Finite Element Object

Modal objects can also be calculated from a user-defined 3-dimensional mesh.

Finite Element Object (a dedicated section to creating finite element objects is forthcoming)