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Set Loss (of All Modes)


This allows the loss coefficients of all the modes of an object to be altered dynamically.

(set-loss ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The (set-loss ... ) function can be called using the following Lisp syntax:

(set-loss object_reference controller)


The (set-loss ... ) function requires two arguments:

  • object_reference: name of the object whose mode loss coefficients will be altered.
  • controller: a multi-dimensional controller used to set the individual loss coefficients of the object's modes.

The number of dimensions in the controller should correspond to the number of modes in the object, or the remaining mode losses will be set to zero.


This function is used to set all the modes indivual loss coefficients to new values:

(setq my-string (make-object 'mono-string (modes 4)))
(set-loss my-string (const 3 4 1 0.7))
Lower values will cause a mode to resonate longer. You should probably base the values on those obtained via (get-info 'mode-loss ... ).

This function is not yet implemented for Hybrids; an error message will be displayed if object is of hybrid type.


There are no special options for this function.