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Object Utilities

The following object-specific utilities are not objects themselves, but are closely related to the object-creation part of the program.

  • Set Pitch - set an object's to sound at a given pitch
  • Set Mode Freq - set a given mode of an object to a specified frequency
  • Set Mode Loss - set the loss coefficient of a given mode of an object
  • Attach Mode Controllers - [currently broken, although the individual commands, below are working]
  • Set Frequency - set the frequencies of all of an object's modes
  • Set Loss - set the loss coefficients of all of an object's modes
  • Set Amplitude - scale the relative amplitudes of all of an object's modes
  • Set Cents Pitchbend - a pseudo-physical parameter to bend the global pitch of an object (in cents)
  • Set Spectral Diffraction - a pseudo-physical parameter to contract or dilate the spectrum
  • Get Object Info - obtain object-specific information using the standard (get-info ... ) function.
  • Freeze Object - freeze an object and cause it to lose all energy
  • Unfreeze Object - unfreeze a frozen object