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Clone Object


Creates a copy of an object which shares that object's modal data.

Clones provide a good way to save memory in situations where several objects are needed with identical physical characteristics. (They also save the time it takes to compute extra copies of the same modal data, which can be considerable if objects with many modes are involved.)

(make-object 'clone ... )

Syntax and Default Values

The 'clone can be created using the following Lisp syntax:

(make-object 'clone object_reference)


The 'clone object does not have any physical parameters, but takes one argument:

  • object_reference: name of an object whose modal data will be shared by the clone.

Since the clone object must use another object's data, its parameters are fixed to those of the object. No alterations are possible. Also, note that you cannot clone a hybrid object.


The access direction of a clone (i.e. 'trans0, 'normal, 'long, etc...) will be the same as that of the parent object that is being cloned.

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