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Pencil Strokes Specificities

Pencil Strokes show a number of specific features that are detailed here.

Multiple Pencil Strokes

When several pencil strokes are created, they are gathered in a global area delineated by a dotted line, and represented in a single block in the Processing Sequencer.

One or several item can be selected, manipulated and edited independently or alltogether. For detailed information, refer the corresponding sections.

Manipulating Local Filters in the Sonogram Window and Processing Sequencer

Creating Pencil Strokes from Partial Tracking

To create (harmonic) pencil strokes from a partial tracking analysis :

  1. select partials with the lasso (A) tool or successive Shift + Cmd clicks (B)

  2. Cmd + Ctrl click on a partial to display the contextual menu

  3. choose Pencil Filter from Partial in the contextual menu

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