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Gain – Manual Modification


Initial State

Once a filter has been created, its value is nil. Consequently, it has a grey neutral shade. To increase or decrease the gain of the spectral components within the limits of the filter, its value must be edited.

Gain Manual Modification

To increase or decrease the global gain of the spectral components belonging to the area :

  1. Ctrl click on the item, a double red/blue arrow will appear.

  2. scroll the mouse up or down : the dB gain level of the filter will be displayed in a small prompt.

The maximum and minimum values are 116 and -116 dB.

The gain value of the area can be visualized and edited more precisely, and dynamically, via the Inspector window.

Gain : Parametric Values
Inverting the Value of a Filter

All filters can have their gain inverted from a positive to a negative value and vice versa. To do so, select a filter with a clik in the Processing Sequencer and choose Treatments/Invert or press Alt + Cmd + I.


A filter with a positive gain will have a blue shade. With a negative gain, it will be pink. The higher the value, the more intense is the colour.

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