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About this Document


Basic concepts, entries to the user manual, additional information and publications.

System Configuration and Installation

Mac OS requirements, Installation procedures.

Going Through an AS Session

Practical information, a few concepts to manage each step of a session and a basic example to get familiar with AS.

AudioSculpt Environment

Main features and general settings of the AS environment, as well as managing documents and functionalities of the main windows.

Signal Representation in AS

Audiosculpt graphic interface. Waveform, spectrum and sonogram representations.

Signal Analysis

Using relevant analysis parameters. Mastering the various analysis tools techniques provided by AS. Saving and using analysis files.

Signal Manipulation

From basic manipulations such as noise reduction to advanced modifications, such as filtering, and various sophisticated synthesis operations. Preserving the qualities of a signal.

Processing Sequencer

Treatments organization and manipulation.

Advanced Use

Using command lines, communication with OpenMusic.

Errors and Problems

Understanding and handling error messages.

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