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Filters Information and Edition

The parametric values of filters are displayed in the Inspector window. They deal with their time/frequency coordinates and behaviour. To edit a parameter, double click in a prompt, type a value and press Enter or click outside the prompt.

Gain Edition

The Edit Gain dialogue window allows the edition of the gain and contour of a selected filder. The same modifications can be executed via the Inspector window, with additional features.

Gain Edition Dialogue Window

To change the gain of a filter, enter a positive or negative value between -116 and 116 dB. Values beyond these limits are automatically limited, although it doesn't show in the Inspector.

Gain Contour and Peak

The contour of the filter can be flat, or faded. To choose and option, click on the Peak Contour menu and choose an item.

With a fade, the gain peak within the filter is localized in the middle of the temporal segment represented by the filter. This position can be specified very precisely in the Peak Time prompt.

Time/Frequency Parameters


The three temporal parameters of surface filters – Start, End, Duration– can be edited independantly from each other. This means that the duration of a filter can be modified.


The Low and High frequencies of surface filters can also be modified.

Other Filters

Due to the irregularity of their graphic representation, others filters cannot have these parameters modified via the Inspector.

  • Region filters and both types of pencil stroke filters can have their time and frequency values modified manually from the sonogram window or processing sequencer.

  • Additionnaly, the frequency parameters of pencil strokes can also be modified undirectly through the Pencil Stroke Settings menu, and the corresponding Pencil Stroke parameters of the Inspector – see below.

About Other Tools

Pencil Strokes Specific Parameters


The parameters described in the Pencil and Harmonic Pencil Settings are reproduced in the Inspector window, where they can be modified. The Inspector only allows to modify existing pencil strokes. The existing settings always prevail.

Frequency and Spectral Contents

The Pen Width, Thickness and Harmonic Compensation Factor will modify the frequency band of each harmonic.

The Number of Harmonics, Parity – Odd or Even – and Base Harmonic parameters will affect the spectral characteristics of a harmonic pencil stroke filter.

Harmonics lists cannot be modified. Just as in with the settings window, harmonics lists prevail on modifications of the spectral contents parity of pencil strokes.

Multiple Strokes and Multiple Selection

When several pencil strokes have been created, the modifications apply to the last selected item, even if several items have been selected at the same time.

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