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Snippets Parametric Values Information and Edition

The snippets parametric values are displayed in the Inspector window. They deal with the temporal and frequency location of snippets, and how these values are interpreted by the processing. The parameters of blue prompts can be edited. To edit a parameter, double click in a prompt, type a value and press Enter or click outside the prompt.

Time/Frequency Parameters

Frequency range and Duration

Duration and frequency range : characteristics of the snippet. these parameters cannot be modified – this would amount to crop the snippet.

Temporal Location

Start and End time: when edited, a parameter is adapted to the other so that the duration is preserves

Mean Time and Frequency : Anchor

Anchor Time/Frequency : temporal and frequency location represented by the central dot on the snippet. Modifying these values will affect the temporal location and frequency range of the snippet.

The modification of this parameter leads to a modification of the vertical position of the snippet. It has various effects depending on the Frequency mode specified in the Inspector.

Note that the Transport or Inspector window doesn't display any information when moving a snippet. Information are updated in the inspector window once a snippet has been moved. Precise time/frequency/amplitude information can be obtained with the usual pointer or pitchfork tools.

Transposition / Frequency Shifting

About Transposition and Frequency Shift Modes
Choosing a Mode

The transposition or frequency shifting modes are chosen via the frequency mode pop up menu in the Inspector. This affects the way the frequencies of the spectral components of a snippet are modified with the snippet's frequency position.

Effects of the Frequency modes

Choosing a mode or the other will affect two elements.

  • The denomination of the 6th prompt switches from one mode to the other. Hence, on Transposition mode, the prompt takes a value in cents. On Frequency Shift mode, it take a value in Hz.

  • Modifying the frequency value of the anchor will also lead to a transposition or to a frequency shift, with different effects upon the relationship between the spectral components.

Effects of Manual Moves

When a snippet is mooved manually, the anchor and tranposition/frequency shift value are modified automatically.

Snippets Manipulations



The gain of a snippet can only be descreased.


This menu lets you choose a mono or stereo format.

Mix Mode
  • Mix : the snippet is mixed with the other components progressively.

  • Replace : all components are played simultaneously.

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