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Saving and Using Snippets

Saving and using snippets is done just as any treatment.

Saving Snippets as Treatments

Save Treatments As...

Snippets are considered as treatments, and they must be saved as such.

To save the snippets, proceed as usual :

  • select File/Save Treatments As

  • choose a name and location

Closing/Quitting AS

If you didn't save the snippets, AS will ask you if you wish to save them when closing the corresponding sound file or quitting AS.

Saving Files and Quitting AS

Opening Snippets

Opening Snippets in Original File

To reuse the snippets in the file they originally belong to :

select File/Open Treatment or Open Recent and select the treatment

double click on the treatment file : the original sound file will open too

Opening Snippets in Current File

If you wish to open the treatment from a new file you will be offered to use the current file or to select the original file.

Using Treatment File
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