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Playing and Processing Snippets

Playing Snippets


The resulting snippet can be heard with the preview, and once the file is processed. Snippets are considered as treatments.

  • To prelisten to the resulting sound, click on the preview button of the player.

  • To process the file, select Processing/Process Treatments.

Treatments Parameters
Preserving a Selection when Playing a Sound

When checking the result with a preview, you may want to preserve this selection for a subsequent use.

  • Be careful not to click outside the selection to place the cursor : select it and drag it, otherwise, this would cancel the selection.

  • You can then use the Shift key to expend the player's selected area.

    Unfortunately, a snippet cannot be played alone without unselecting the original region.

Creating New Audio Files

Additionnally to the previous method, a new sound file can be created out of a region – not a snippet– or snippets can be copied in a new soundfile.

New Soundfile from Selection

To create a new sound file from one or several time/frequency regions,

  1. select File/New Sound File from Selection...

  2. choose a name and location for the new file

  3. the new file will be created automatically but you will have to execute another sonogram analysis if you wish to visualize the spectrum of imported regions.

Copying Snippets in a New Soundfile

To copy snippets in a new soundfile

  1. select File/New Sound File

  2. choose a samplerate, sample size, a file type, a number of channels and a duration.

  3. the new sound file will be empty

  4. copy/cut and paste the snippets with a Ctrl + X or C-V or Edit/Cut or Copy-Paste

  5. the snippets will be copied at the cursor's location.

To listen to the resulting sound, use the preview, or process the sound file.

Snippets and File Compatibility

There is no incompatibility of sample rate, size and format. Snippets. They will be trunkated if the file's duration is too short.

Note that the number of channels must be equivalent in the original and new file.

Processing Snippets

For a final restitution, the sound file must be processed.

Processing Window

Select Treatments/Process Treatments

You may possibly have to enter new FFT parameters, which determine the quality of the audio renderding.

Other Parameters

Among the other parameters of the window, the following must be taken into account :

Choosing FFT and Processing Parameters
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