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Creating Snippets

Snippets are regions of reusable source code. In AS, they refer to copied time/frequency regions of sonogram. This section shows how create snippets and manipulate them.

Selection of a Time /Frequency Region

Single or Multiple Selections
  • A single selection is simply done with a click, or a click and drag, depending on the type of tool. Any selection cancels the previous one.

  • To select several regions, keep pressing Shift or Cmd to create several time/frequency regions in the sonogram. This option is transverse to the selection tools.

    The cursor will be attached to the beginning of the last region selected wiith the Shift key.


Selected regions have a darker border.

Short Term Spectrum and Waveform Representation

A selected region is represented in the instantaneous spectrum, as well as in the waveform windows. If several regions are selected, the representation is extended to the global frequency and time range.

Playing Regions

After a region has been defined, it can be played with the usual play command, or space bar. If several regions have been created, they will be played according to their temporal position in the file. The player will browse the file regularly, without skipping from a region to another, but only the selected regions will be heard.

Creating Snippets Moving/Copying Regions

Once a region has been selected, snippets can be created with the usual standard move, cut, copy and paste commands. The moved or copied areas will produced snippets.

Deleting a Region

To delete a region : press Cmd + X. If you press Backspace, this will cancel the selection. The processing sequencer will display a "Cut Snippet" block under the snippet. Nevertheless, the block cannot be moved.

To restore the region :

  • delete the block in the sequencer with the Backspace key.

  • press Cmd + Z

  • choose Edit/Undo

Move, Cut/Paste
  • Manual move : click and drag a region anywhere in the sonogram.

    The processing sequencer will display a "cut snippet" block under the missing region.

  • Cut and Paste : press Cmd + X- V or select Edit/Cut-Paste

    The snippet will be copied in the same frequency range, at the cursor's location.

In both cases, the original region will be deleted and will turn black.

Frequency Shifting and Transposition
  • Manual copy : Alt click and drag the region. If several regions have been created, they will be moved simultaneously.

  • Copy and Paste : press Cmd + C-V or select Edit/Copy-Paste.

    The snippet will be copied in the same frequency range, at the cursor's location.

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