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Automatic Markers Display

Once the analysis is done, the markers are displayed in the sonogram and waveform window. Note that no previous sonogram analysis is required to execute a markers analysis.

Basic Display Control

Showing/Hiding Markers

Like manual markers, all or part of markers can be hidden or displayed via the sonogram display.

Uncheck or check the corresponding box.

Hidden Markers
  • Hidden markers are not saved in the -mrk.sdif file when saving the analysis via the Save Analysis As... command.

  • Nevertheless, all markers will be exported in a text file with the Export Analysis as Text command.

More Info about the Use of Markers

Controling the Number of Displayed Markers

Contrary to manual markers, the post-analysis control of the threshold detection in the inspector window allows a real time increase or decrease of the number of displayed markers.

  • To change the threshold value

    • use the cursor as a slider or click directly in the slide.
    • use the up and down buttons for a more precise manipulation.
  • To display the threshold value of the analysis, click on the triangle at the right of the slider.

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