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Manual Markers

Manual markers can be added individually, or as region markers, by pairs, to delineate a region.

Individual Markers

Adding Individual Markers
  • To add a marker at the pointer's location, select the marker tool –M – and click in the local waveform, or in the sonogram window.

  • To add a marker at the cursor's location, press T or use theEdit/Add Marker command.

Note that several markers cannot be added at the same location.

A marker will be displayed across the waveform and sonogram windows.

Saving Markers

Individual markers are red.

Adding Individual Markers on the Fly

Adding markers on the fly is possible when playing a sound with the same T key. Note that this operation cannot be executed when scrubbing the sound.

Region Markers

Region markers are designed to select a region in a sound, create noise zones, or to delineate region for chord-sequence analysis, or create several selections that can yield subsequent sound files.

Chord-Sequence Analysis and Noise Zone
Adding Region Markers

Region markers delineate a selected region.

To add region markers :

  • select a region from the waveform or sonogram window

  • press Q or select Edit/Add Region Markers


Region markers are pink right triangles and located within the region limits.

Manipulation and Edition

Region markers can be manipulated and edited individually.

Manipulating Markers
Selecting Regions

To select the region, double click between two markers.

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