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IntroductionSignal Analysis > Spectral Envelope Analysis
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Spectral Envelope Analysis

There are several types of spectral envelope analysis in AudioSculpt. : LPC, True Envelope – also called TE-LPC, and Discrete Cepstrum. These analysis methods are also accessed via the Analysis/Sonogram Analysis menu.

The main sources for these sections are :

Modeling the Spectral Envelope of Musical Instruments Juan José Burred

Spectral Envelopes in Sound Analysis and Synthesis Diemo Schwarz

Improving LPC Spectral Envelope Extraction of Voiced Speech by True-Envelope Estimation Fernando Villavicencio, Axel Röbel and Xavier Rodet

Spectral Envelope Estimation and Representation for Sound Analysis-Synthesis, Diemo Schwarz, Xavier Rodet

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