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Objects – Factory Boxes

In OM, objects are created and used in patches via " factory " boxes. A factory box refers to a class[1] and allows to create instances[2] – exemplars, in other words –, of this class.

  • Factories can be connected to the other components of a visual program.
  • Their inner editor is a graphical user interface that allows to visualize, edit and manipulate the objects produced by factories. For instance, one can edit a musical sequence in a traditional score editor.

This dual aspect of formalized computation, associated with direct manual interaction on the musical material, is a fundamental feature of OM, which makes the factory box a major patch component.

Factory boxes are accessed via the Classes menu or can be added in a patch from the Library window.

How To Add a Box into a Patch Editor
  1. Class

    A category of objects sharing common properties – characteristics and behaviour. A class specifies the internal structure and behaviour of an object. In OM, it is represented in a patch by a factory box that can produce an instance of a class.

    See also : Object, Instance

  2. Instance

    An actual object created at runtime, out of a given class. In OM, more specifically, an object created when evaluating a factory box. An instance can be saved as a global variable.

    SHIFT click on an outlet – especially the first outlet representing the self, the whole object – of a factory box to materialize an instance.

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