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A comment is a text box that doesn't affect the patch in which it is set. It allows to add textual indications that can make a program more legible.

Creating a comment

With the contextual menu

To add a comment in a patch :

  1. Ctrl / right click in the patch editor

  2. choose Comment .

Directly in the patch editor

To add a comment box directly in a patch editor :

  1. Cmd click in the editor and type "comment"

  2. validate to create the comment box.

Editing a comment

  1. Double click in the comment box to type the text.

  2. Click somewhere in the patch editor to validate and save your text.


Unlike data boxes, comment boxes accept breaks and line returns.


Manipulating Comment Boxes

Like any other box, a comment box can be moved, resized, copied, deleted.

To apply a modification, choose a menu item in the Edit menu, or use the usual commands and shortcuts.

Manipulating Boxes :

To fit a comment box to the text, select it and press i .

Comments Font Style

Local Modifications

To modify the font type and colour of a comment within a patch :

  1. Ctrl / right click on the box,

  2. choose Text color or Text Font.

Style Shortcuts

use the menu Edit / Font / Bold and Edit / Fonts / Italics or the corresponding keyboard shortcuts CMD + SHIFT + B / I in order to change all selected comments to bold or italics.

Default Style

The comments font style can be globally specified via the OM preferences. Select the OM 6.X.X. / Preferences menu. Click on the Appearance tab and go to the Comments section

To modify the comments font style :

  1. click on Change Font and define a font style in the font dialogue window

    • choose Apply and/or OK

    • choose Restore to get back to the OM default values.

To modify the comments colour

  1. click on Change Colour

  2. click on the coloured patch, and choose a colour in the colour chooser.

    • choose Apply and/or OK

    • choose Restore to get back to the OM default values.

Applying Changes

New preferences will apply to new comments only.

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