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Documentation and Info

There exist several way to get information about a box in an OM patch, principally :

  • The reference documentation
  • The "Info" window
  • The tutorial patches

Reference Documentation

The reference documentation gives access to full information about a function or class.

To access the reference of an item select the box and :

  • press d
  • choose Help / Documentation in the main menu.

The documentation, when available, will pop up in a new window as an HTML or simple text window.

Info Window

The Info window provides various information, depending on the type of the selected item, and possible short documentation.

To open the Info window :

  • press Cmd + i
  • Ctrl / right click on an item and select Get Info in the contextual menu.

Tutorial Patches

Tutorials are commented example patches. They are OM internal patches which cannot be modified and saved. Nevertheless, their content can be copied in another patch.

To open the related tutorial patch of an item, select it and

  • choose Help / Tutorial Patch in the menu
  • press t

The tutorial will open as a new patch.

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