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A maquette is an object, which represents both a musical "container[1]" and a visual program .

In a maquette, objects can be manipulated according to temporal and graphical parameters. This includes :

  • the graphical and temporal organization of objects,
  • the calculation of objects , which can then be connected together to interact like in a patch,
  • the calculation of the maquette's temporal structure.

A maquette contains specific boxes : TemporalBoxes , which have a number of characteristics :

  • a reference, that is, an instance, a patch, or another maquette contained in the box,
  • a position and duration characteristics, which refer to the integration of the box in the maquette's context.
  • a "musical value ", produced in the maquette's context.

To a certain extent, the maquette can be considered a patch.

  1. Container

    In OM, a container is an object that contains a number of sub objects, including other containers as well. For instance, a chord-seq that contains chords, a chord that contains notes, a maquette that contains temporal objects, etc.

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