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OM 6.6 User Manual

This document is the kernel of the OpenMusic Software documentation. It is composed of the following sections :


Basic concepts, entries to the user manual, additional information and publications.

Chapter 1 : System Configuration and Installation

Available versions for Mac and Windows OS. Installation procedures for Mac OSX.

Chapter 2 : Going Through an OM Session

Practical information and a few concepts to manage each step of a session.

Chapter 3 : The OM Environment

Main features and general settings of the OM environment, as well as managing documents and functionalities of the main windows.

Chapter 4 : Visual Programming I (Basics)

This section provides all information about visual programming tools and basic programming concepts.

Chapter 5 : Visual Programming II (Advanced)

Advanced programming concepts, including functional abstraction, control of computation and iterative programs.

Chapter 6 : OM Basic Tools

Using and manipulating basic objects, such as curves, arrays, text, etc.

Chapter 7 : Score Objects

Using and manipulating score objects such as chords, rhythms, polyphonies and so on.

Chapter 8 : Maquettes

Designing musical sequences and using the graphic and temporal dimensions of maquettes to define specific interactions within programs.

Chapter 9 : Sheet

The Sheet is a special polyphonic container allowing to collect different types of musical objects in a common score and to program genrative rules and relations withing this score.

Chapter 10 : MIDI

All about MIDI features and objects in OM

Chapter 11 : Audio

All about audio features and objects in OM

Chapter 12 : SDIF

Using (and understanding) the SDIF sound description data in OM.

Chater 13 : Lisp Programming in OM

How to program in Lisp and integrate Lisp code in the OM environment.

Errors and Problems

Understanding and handling error messages.

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