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Background Pictures

Pictures can be added as a background or illustration for patch editors.

Creating a Background Picture

To add a picture box in a patch editor :

  • Ctrl / right click in the patch editor, choose Picture

Choose an item among the registered User Resources of the Picture Chooser, and click on OK.

  • To add a resource, press + and select an item from any location in your computer.
  • To delete a resource, press - .
Resources and Picture Chooser

Managing Background Pictures

Selection / Delete
  • To activate a background picture, press y . A selected picture features a bold border.
  • The selected picture can be moved around the patch and resized by a simple drag and drop.
  • To switch to another background picture, press y again .
  • To delete a selected picture, press Backspace .
  • To reinitialize the picture size, press i.
The Picture Object

A Picture object also exist in OM, and allows to create and edit pictures as a standard OM object. It is possible to convert a background picture to a picture object and vice-versa.

More About Picture Objects
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