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Resources are images or icons dedicated to the visual interface of OM. The user may have to choose images or icons for various reasons : inserting an image in a patch, giving an identity to a temporal object[1] in a maquette, choosing an icon for a patch, a class or a function...


The user may be asked to select pictures or icons in several cases. In this case, a Resource Selection dialog will appear and help selecting the corresponding file from OM or user resources (see section below).

Format, Size and Name

Several formats can be handled by the OM interface :

  • TIF files (.tif, .tiff),
  • JPEG files (.jpg, .jpeg),
  • GIF files (.gif),
  • BMP files (.bmp)
  • PNG files (.png).

Pictures and icons can have background transparency alpha layer.

Icons shouldn't exceed 64 pixels and be given a numeric reference such as "127.tiff".

Images can have any name and dimensions.


Pictures or icons can be assigned as background pictures in patches and maquettes. They can also be assigned to the patches and maquettes or other user-defined items in the Workspace and Library windows.

Changing the Icon of an Item
Background Pictures in Patches and Maquettes

Resources Directories

OM Resources

Pictures and icons of the OM Resources are located in the Applications / OM 6.X.X / resources / icon - pict sub folders.

User Resources

Pictures and icons added as User Resources belong to the workspace resources / icon - pict sub folders.

Resource Selection Dialog

Choosing resources

Depending on the case, the resource selection dialog will display the icons or pictures available in the OM resources and/or in the user resources.

Adding a Resource

You can add an icon or an image to the User Resources.

  1. Click on + .

  2. A dialogue window opens.

Select a resource :

  1. Browse your hard drive to select a file.

  2. Choose Open and OK in the dialogue window.

    Choose Cancel to cancel your choice.

The selected file will be automatically copied and stored in the Workspace / Resources /sub-folder.

Deleting a Resource

To delete a picture or icon from the User Resources, choose -.

The corresponding file will be automatically deleted from the Workspace / Resources /sub-folder.

  1. Temporal object

    In a maquette, any object provided with an explicit or computable duration, such as an audio file, a chord object or a patch.

    See also : Maquette.

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