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Examples Patches and Tutorials

The OM application and libraries generally come with a set of example patches and tutorial allowing to get into different aspects and features of the compositional environment.

To import this material, go to the Help / Import Tutorial Patches menu.

When an item is selected, a corresponding new folder is created in the current workspace (or folder) window, filled with a set of tutorial patches.

Former "Ircam Workspaces"

The tutorial patch correspond to the marerial formerly contained in the "Ircam workspaces" installed with OM :

  • OMWorkspace :

    The material contained in the om tutorials folder is now available via the OM-Tutorials submenu. The material of other folders, such as mathtools, midi etc. is available via the OM-Tools submenu.

  • Lib-Workspace :

    The items of the Lib-Workspace are available via the Libraries submenu.

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