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Extra Libraries

In addition to the standard OM functionalities, extra tools (classes, functions, etc.) can be loaded in OM in the form of external libraries.

The OM extra librarires are represented in the Libraries package in the Library window.

To load a library :

  • double click on the lower part of a package
  • Ctrl / right click on a package and choose Load Library.

Loaded libraries show a green label : , unloaded libraries, a red label : .

The content of a library is displayed like the one of the other Packages .

Items of the Library Window

Do not confuse the Libraries package with the User package, which is dedicated to libraries specifically programmed by the user.

Location of the Libraries

OM Libraries

The OM folder includes a Libraries sub-directory that contains a number of libraries created by IRCAM research team or collaborators and distributed with teh OM application.

Remote Libraries

Extra libraries can also be added by the user and loaded in OM (see section below).

A number of them, written by the OM users or developers, can be downloaded on the OpenMusic page.

Using Libraries

Using Tools from a Loaded Library

Once a library is loaded, classes and functions can be dropped to a patch editor 

  • from the function and classes panes of the Library window
  • from the Librairies menu items on the Functions or Classes menus.
Prerequisite Libraries

If a patch contains functions or classes pertaining to a user library, the user will be asked if the library must be loaded or not when opening the patch.

Choose Yes. Otherwise, all components attached to this patch will appear as "dead boxes".

The library can still be loaded afterwards. In this case, relaod the patch as well using the menu File / Last Saved in order to find the original patch boxes again.

Libraries Autoload

User libraries, including remote and external libraries, can be loaded automatically at startup.

  1. Open the Libraries preferences,

  2. select the libraries you want to load at start up in the "Auto Load" pane,

  3. choose Apply and OK.

Adding External Libraries

The External Libraries Folders

Additional directories can be added and specified to store extra libraries, via the Libraries preferences.

  1. Select the OM 6.X.X / Preferences menu.

  2. Select the Libraries preference tab,

  3. Click on ... to select a directory.

  4. Select or create a folder, then Apply or OK.

The external libraries present in these directories will be displayed in the libraries package .

Use File / Refresh Libraries Package in order to update the contents of the libraries package contents.

Remote Libraries

Extra libraries can also be imported from any location to the Libraries package. These libraries are considered as "remote" libraries.

To import a remote library to the Library window,

  1. select the Library window

  2. choose File / New Remote User Library

Select the folder of the library you want to import and choose Open.

Remote libraries appear in the Libraries package as well, just like any other extra libraries.

External or Remote User Libraries Location

If you change the location of a library directory after it's been added in the Library window, OM won't be able to load the library.

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