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The Library window encloses the OM programming tools, which are organized in packages and sub packages . They can be used in various OM documents. These tools are classes[1], functions[2] and methods[3], among which a number can be created by the user.

To open the Library window, use the main menu or shortcut :

  • select Windows / Library
  • press SHIFT+ Cmd + p.
  1. Class

    A category of objects sharing common properties – characteristics and behaviour. A class specifies the internal structure and behaviour of an object. In OM, it is represented in a patch by a factory box that can produce an instance of a class.

    See also : Object, Instance

  2. Function

    A  portion of code within a larger program, which performs a specific task. Operates upon 0 or more parameters and returns a value.

  3. Method

    An elementary function or part of a generic function defining rules for its behaviour depending on a type of argument. Defining a generic function amounts to defining at least one method.

    For instance, the OM+ function is made of four methods : 1. number + list / 2. list + number / 3. number + number / 4. list + list

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