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The OM interface and programming components are ruled by a series of default parameters that can be modified via the Preferences pane during an OM session. These parameters are associated to and saved with the workspace that was open at this session.

Preferences Pane


To open the Preferences pane, select OM 6.X.X / Preferences . A series of tabs that give access to a set of preferences is shown on the left.

Preferences Tabs

General : user name, default storage folders, evaluation process control

Appearance : appearance of the workspace, patches, and maquettes

Libraries :  libraries to be loaded automatically when starting a session, extra libraries folder

MIDI / OSC : MIDIShare and MicroPlayer preferences

Score : score editors preferences, such as staffs number, microtonal notation scale...

Quantification : musical data conversions default parameters, such as tempo (60 bpm) , measure (4/4) ...

Audio : general audio preferences

Externals : external sound processing applications communication

More information about each tab is provided within the corresponding sections.

  • Restore : resets the default preferences.
  • Apply : applies the preference defined in the pane.
  • Cancel : closes the pane without applying the preferences.
  • OK : applies and saves the preferences.

Saving Preferences

The preferences are attached to the workspace and are saved with it during or at the end of the session.

Reinitializing Preferences

The preferences are stored in the file preferences.lisp located in the Workspace folder. In case of problems when loading a former workspace with a new OM version, this file can be removed. The OM preferences will then be reinitialized.

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