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Elementary Manipulations

This section provides information about specific commands regarding the manipulation of items within patches. Specific details are given for each box type in Boxes and Patch Components.

Selection and Resizing


Boxes are selected using standard mouse selection. A selected box shows a bold border.

  • To enable multiple selection, click on boxes keeping pressing SHIFT or click and drag the mouse over several boxes.
  • To select all the boxes of a window, choose Edit / Select All, or press Cmd+ a .
Selected boxes.
Selected boxes.

Most patch editor commands apply to every selected boxes in the current window.


  • To resize a box, hover the mouse over the lower right corner of the box, then drag it with the cursor.
  • To restore the default size of the selected box(es), press i .

Move / Copy / Align


To move an item around in a patch editor :

  • drag and drop it with the mouse
  • select it and use the four  keys. Add SHIFT to move items faster.
Drag and Drop / Copy

Boxes can also be moved or copied from a patch editor to another.

  • Drag and drop the item to move it.
  • Add the Alt key to copy it.
  • Use the usual commands and shortcuts –  Edit / Copy, Paste, Duplicate ...
Copying a chord-seq box to another patch editor.
Copying a chord-seq box to another patch editor.

To align all selected boxes automatically, press SHIFT + a .


To delete selected boxes :

  • press Backspace ,
  • select Edit / Clear - Cut or press Cmd + x .

The Undo command can be used for restoring deleted boxes – not their connections. It can only apply to the last action that was executed.

To cancel an action :

  • select Edit / Undo
  • press Cmd + z .
Tip : Patch Editor Commands

To display an overview of the main patch editor commands :

  • choose Help / Editor Command Keys
  • type h in an open patch editor.
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