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Saving / Reloading a Patch



It is advised to save a work regularly. Indeed, a bug or an ill-conceived program can cause a crash or stuck OM in endless iterations, in which case you will have to force the application to quit.

To save a patch

  • choose File / Save
  • press Cmd + s .

Reloading a Patch

Last Saved...

To reload the last saved version of a patch :

  • select File / Last Saved ,
  • Ctrl / right click in the editor, choose Last Saved.
Preserving a Patch

If a patch is used in another patch, OM doesn't create a copy. Its original reference in the workspace will be affected by subsequent modifications as well. To preserve the original item, one can resort to internal patches or duplicate it to preserve the original reference from possible modifications.

How to Duplicate / Rename Patches
Internal patches
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