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Internal Abstractions

Internal abstractions are only created in patch editors. They are represented by red patch boxes . This section shows how to add an internal abstraction into a patch.

A red patch is autonomous :

  • it is not attached to any external reference, conversely to a blue patch,

  • it only "exists" inside the patch where it was created.

Adding an Internal Abstraction : Procedures

Contextual Menu

To add an internal – red – patch in a patch editor :

  1. Ctrl / right click in the patch editor

  2. choose Internal / Patch.

Double click on its name to edit it.

Directly in the Patch Editor

To add an internal patch directly in a patch editor :

  • Cmd click in the patch editor

  • type "patch" and validate.

Internal Programming

An internal patch is programmed just as in any patch, without restriction.


An internal abstraction cannot be affected by the modification of a possible duplicate.

Here a duplicate has been added inputs and outputs : the master item is preserved.

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