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Evaluation Modes

"Evaluation" refers to two different concepts :

  • The user-evaluation, which is triggered by the user via the interface :

    Cmd click on an outlet, or with a selection + v .

  • The internal evaluation, which refers to an evaluation or to a series of evaluations resulting from a user-evaluation.

This section deals with the control of internal evaluations.

Boxes can be set on four different evaluation modes, in addition to the default mode, to control the transmission of resulting data in a program, or to perform specific tasks. These modes are :

To select an evaluation mode :

  1. press b to set the box on "lock" mode

  2. click successively on the upper left label of the box to select other modes.

To reset the box to its initial state, press b again.

Duplication doesn't affect the state of a box that was set on a specific evaluation mode : the copy will have the same parameters and will be on the same mode as the master.

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