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Abstraction Boxes (Intro)


[1]Patches can be added in the Workspace, but also, subsequently, inserted or incremented in a bigger scale program. This procedure is called functional abstraction [1].


Abstraction is a procedure that permits to abstract a program, that is, a process, a patch, into a box that can then be used into another program. In other words, an abstraction box represents a patch in another patch and acts as a function.

Abstraction is detailed in of the Advanced Programming section.

Abstraction Boxes


The main type of abstraction box is the Patch pox

There exist two type of patch boxes :

  • Global abstractions (blue)
  • Internal abstraction (red)
About Abstraction Boxes
OMLoop Boxes

OMLoops are particular abstractions that allow to design iterative processes.

About the OMLoop Box

Maquettes are special programming editors with a temporal dimension.

Like patch boxes, they can be eitheir global or internal.

About Maquette Boxes
Lisp Functions

Lisp functions are abstractions defined textually in Lisp.

Like patch boxes, they can be eitheir global (blue) or internal abstractions (red).

About Lisp Function Boxes
  1. Functional Abstraction

    A functional abstraction is a program whose some elements can become variables, via connections to the outside environment. Hence, this program must have inputs or outputs that can be connected to external variable elements. The resulting functional abstraction can then be embedded into other programs to be used as a functional component.

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