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Manipulating Windows and Zones

This section shows how to resize or hide windows and interface components.

AS Window and Zones Size

Resizing the General Window

Like any application window, the AS window can be resized vertically and horizontally with a click and drag on its lower right corner.

Resizing the Zones of the Window

To resize one of the zones of the window

  • hover the mouse over its border to display a double arrow

  • drag it up or down, or to the left or right

Zooming In/Out a Region of a Window
A Stereo Sound : Bagana

We have analyzed a stereo sound, with an ethipian bagana and a double bass. We first play the sound – using the space bar, and the player – then manipulate the window and its different zones.

Note that this sound is percussive and also has well defined pitches. We have first used a short analysis window, with a 512 samples size.

Hiding/Showing Zones, Channels and Interface Components


To hide or show a zone, click on the corresponding triangle to the left.


To hide or show the representation of an audio channel, click on the eye icon and uncheck or check the right or left menu intem.

Interface Components, Short Term Spectrum and Sonogram : Windows Menu

The Instantaneous Spectrum zone masks the very ending of the sonogram, so you may need to hide it. You can also hide or show the Inspector, the Sonogram Display

Use the Windows menu items or its corresponding shortcuts :

  • Inspector : Cmd + I

  • Sonogram Display : Cmd + J

  • Inspector and sonogram display : Tab

  • Of course, these floating windows can be closed like any standard window, with a click on the upper left cross .

  • Instantaneous Spectrum : Cmd + K

You can also maximize or reduce the size of the sonogram and get a "full screen" view : Cmd + U.

Bagana Example

A brief example with our stereo sound.

We will successively hide the various zones of the window, and the representations of the left channel in the waveform and sonogram zones. Note that the console zone, where the activity of AS is printed, is hidden by default.

Multi Channel Sounds

Multi channel sounds can also be manipulated with AudioSculpt, which allows to hide or show any selected channel.

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