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The console, located at the bottom of the AS window, refers to the current signal file. This console can :

  • display the activity of the two kernels of AudioSculpt : SVP and PM2.

  • display the progression of a caculus

  • send command lines from the user to the application

Processing State

The processing state is displayed at the top of the console, which doesn't need to be open to inform the user about it.

Initial State

The console is first unfolded, and displays the message "Ready", that indicated that AudioSculpt is ready to execute a calculus.

Other Messages
  • “Ready” : the previous calculus has been completed successfully. AS is ready for a new calculus.

  • “Waiting for “kernel”...” : a calculus is about to start

  • "Working” : for an ongoing calculus

Other messages are preceded by the name of the kernel (SuperVP or PM2) and describe the calculus state of progression.

  • “SuperVP Initializing...” "Processing"...”Done” "Error!”

Stopping a Calculus

To stop an ongoing calculus, click on the smal cross at the right of the progression bar.

Displaying Information

Unfolding the Console

To unfold the console, click on the grey triangle. A text prompt will appear and display a command line number : "AudioSculpt # " starting from 0.

Once the calculus is over, a new index will be displayed automatically, showing that the kernel is ready again.

Calculus Information

The console displays :

  1. the calculus index

  2. the analysis parameters

  3. the file path

  4. the calculus time

    For instance, the Fft analysis of a sound file named "ambiance-out" will produce this type of message :

    AudioSculpt (0) > supervp -t -ns -S"/ambiance-out.wav" -Afft -Np0 -M0.068027213s -oversamp 8 -Wblackman -OS0 "/Applications/AudioSculpt 3.0.6/Fft/tempAnalysis-0017.fft.sdif"

    total time = 0.75 seconds

Command Lines

Entering a Command Line and Starting the Calculus

Type or paste a command line in the console and press Enter.

A new prompt index is displayed automatically below the command line.

Browsing the Command Lines

Use the Previous and Next buttons to go from a command line to the other.

Clearing the Console

Click on Clear to delete all the messages of the console.

Saving Messages

The contents of the console cannot be saved from AudioSculpt. It must be copied in a text file.

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