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Parametric Values Information and Edition

The parametric values of the filter can be displayed and edited via the Inspector window.

BPF Parametric Values


When a point is created or selected, the followig values are dislayed in the Inspector:

  • Currently edited BPF label

  • Info : BPF name

  • X : a value in Hz

  • Y : a value in dB.

The Visible Range Min and Max values cannot be edited, but the Instantaneous Spectrum window can be zoomed in or out manually.

Interpolation Option

As with any BPF, the parametric values of a point or several selected points can be modified.

  • Make sure that you are using the arrow, and not the pencil tool, via the contextual menu.

  • Select the point(s) to edit with a click or a Cmd click and drag, or with successive Cmd + Ctrl clicks.

  • Double click in the corresponding prompt, enter a value and validate.

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Multiple Points Information and Edition
  • If several points are selected, the inspector displays the X and Y values of the first selected points.

  • If the Ys are modified, this will affect all points.

  • If the Xs are modified, this will only affect the lowest point in the curve.

FIlter Parametric Values

To switch to the filter – container – values :

  • click outside the BPF, on the filter in the Sonogram window, on the block Processing Sequencer

  • click on Edit Attributes in the Inspector.

The following parameters can then be edited :

  • Start, End Time and Duration values

  • a SuperVP Interpolation option


The filter temporal values will be automatically upgraded in the Sonogram window. AS the BPF is a constant representation, it cannot be affected by the temporal modifications of the filter's parametric value.

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