BPF Basic Manipulations

Here are a few basic guidelines for the manipulation of BPFS. For exhaustive information, see the BPF Editor or the Processing Sequencer sections.

BPF Edition

Accessing the Editor's Functionalities

A contextual menu displays a set of functionality to edit and manipulate the BPF.

  • Ctrl click in the BPF to open the contextual menu

  • Click on the upper triangle in the upper bar of the BPF.

Preserving the BPF

Ctrl click and choose lock in the contextual menu

Check the small pencil icon to preserve the parametric values that you edited manually.

BPF's Parametric Values

The temporal location of the BPF, or the coordinates of a selected item can be edited via the Inspector window.

Manipulations in the Processing Sequencer

Move, Resize, Copy, Cut, Paste

All these manipulations can be performed manually unless a BPF is locked. The size of a BPF can also be modified via the Inspector window.


To disactivate or activate a treatment, click on the Mute or Solo button in the processing sequencer.

Mutliple BPFs

If a treatment is multiplied with several BPFs, its parametric values will cumulate.

Short Tutorial

This video briefly shows a few basic manipulations described above.

  • BPF Basic Manipulations
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