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IntroductionSignal Manipulation > Dynamic Filtering > Spectral Breakpoint Filters > Adding an SBF
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Adding an SBF


Adding a Filter
  1. You can possibly select a temporal segment in the sound, or not select anything to apply the filter to the whole sound.

  2. Select Treatments/SpectralBreakpoint Filter 


Sonogram Window and Processing Sequencer Display

A block will appear in the Processing Sequencer, with a pink BPF in the Instantaneous spectrum window and a temporal representation in the Sonogram window.

The filter is selected by default and displays a "1 active" label, which means that the BPF on the left is active over the duration of the whole selection. The small blue anchor shows the exact location of this BPF.

The filter remains grey until it is edited.

When the treatment isn't selected, the block and the filter in the Sonogram window get lighter.

Reminder : Instantaneous Spectrum Window Resize

By default, the Instantaneous Spectrum window is reduced. It can be resized with a click and drag on its left, upper and lower borders.

BPF Display
  • When the filter is not selected, the BPF in the Instantaneous Filter window disappears.

  • When the filter is selected, the displayed BPF in the Instantaneous Filter window corresponds to the anchor and to the whole duration of the filter. In the next section, we will see that the anchors of the filter are also related to mutliple BPFs in spectral breakpoint filters and to filters interpolations.

Inspector Window

The Inspector will show :

  • a Spectral Breakpoint label,

  • Start, End Time and Duration values

  • a SuperVP Interpolation option


No preview is available with SBFs in the Process Treatments dialogue window. To get a preview of the result, use the preview button of the player

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