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Noise Zone

Noise zones are created via an analysis procedure. They allow to determine a noise print in relation with the center of the zone. This section shows how to create, use, import and export noise zones as analysis files.

Noise Removal

Creating a Noise Zone

  1. Select a region in the waveform window with the pointer

  2. Select Analysis/Create Noise Zone from Selection

Note that noise zones can only be created one by one.

Noise Zone Position and Characteristics

The noise zone is represented in the sonogram window and processing sequencer. It actually determines the characteristics of a noise print, which is located in the middle of the zone, as indicated by the red dashed line. This is why a noise zone cannot be moved or resized.

Noise Zone Size

No matter how large a noise zone is, the analysis will apply to the whole sound or to a selected region, during the noise removal. The representation is ambiguous though, since it is shown in the processing sequencer with a duration.

Noise Zone Analysis Parameters

Real Time Processing Settings

The quality of the noise zone analysis only depends on the FFT real time processing settings.

To set the parameters, select the Processing/Real Time Processing Settings menu item.

Noise Removal Parameters

These parameters are the same as the FFT parameters that will be applied during the noise removal, but they can be defined independently.

Applying Noise Prints

Noise Zone Application Area

Applying a Noise Zone to a Whole File or to a Region

During the noise removal, the noise print is applied to the whole file, if no region is selected.

The noise removal can be applied to a selected region of the file, with the Restrict to Selection option.

This is true no matter how many noise zones have been created, and wherever the noise zone(s) is/are located.

Using Several Noise Zones
Noise Zones Taken into Account

All noise zones are taken into account from the first to the last. Noise zones cannot be selected.

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