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Noise Zones Interpolation

Several noise zones can be used in the same file, in order to interpolate the noise prints during the noise removal.


Importation and Copy

A noise zone corresponds with a temporal reference from the .sdif file it belongs to. If a noise zone is imported, or copied and pasted from a location to another, this reference is not, or supposed not to be valid anymore. Consequently :

  • an imported noise zone cannot be interpolated with other noise zones, and is consequently disactivated.

  • a noise zone cannot be copied and pasted to be interpolated with another existing zone.

Noise Zones Taken into Account

All noise zones are taken into account from the first to the last. Noise zones cannot be selected.

Noise Zones Interpolation

When several noie zones are created in a file, they can be interpolated dynamically

Dynamic Interpolation

Noise zones interpolation is only possible with global FFT settings, wich is the case when several noise zones are created in a file. They are then interpolated dynamically.

Noise Removal Parameters
Application Range

The noise removal applies to the whole file if no region is selected, or can be applied to a selected region of the file, even if the noise zone are outside the selected region.

Applying a Treatment to a Selected Region
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