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Polyphonic Objects : Poly and Multi-seq Editors

Common Features

A poly and a multi-seq objects are a superimposition of voices or chord-seqs .

They both have one additional tool : the poly tool , which allows to edit all voices at once.

Add / Delete Staves
  • To add a staff :

    1. select the voice or the poly tool ,

    2. to add a new staff, Cmd click on a staff.

    Notice that new staves are automatically added above the "lower" staff .

  • To delete a staff :

    1. select the voice tool,

    2. click and drag a staff

    3. press backspace.

Respacing Staves

As in voices editors, staves can be moved up of down, and consequently, respaced.

To respace staves :

  1. click on the clefs of the staves you want to respace

  2. use the keys.

Internal Voice or Chord-Seq Edition

To open a voice or a chord-seq as an internal object from a poly or a multi-seq  :

  1. select the voice tool,

  2. click and drag a staff to select a voice or a chord-seq,

  3. press o, or double click on it.

Individual Chord-Seq and Voice Staff Configuration

To define clefs individually :

  1. click on a clef

  2. choose a configuration in the staff pop up menu.

Remember that multiple staves configurations – e.g. FF, GF, GGFF etc. – do not allow individual staff editing or respacing.

Poly Editor and Multi-Seq Specific Features

Poly : Polytemporality and Polymeter

Within a poly, each voice can have its own time signatures, channel and tempo, so as to build polytemporal and metric structures. The score is then organized according to absolute durations.

  • To change the tempo or midichannel of a voice :

    1. select the voice

    2. enter a value or scroll the mouse up or down in the voice inspector.

  • To change the meter of a measure :

    1. select it with the measure tool

    2. enter values in the measure inspector.

Multi-Seqs : Internal Chord-Seq Edition

Within a multi-seq, chord-seqs must be open in internal windows to be edited separately.

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