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Page Mode

The content of objects can be displayed and edited – to a certain extent – on page mode . This is especially convenient as far as long sequences are concerned. The page mode is also very convenient to get a preview of an object and modify its page layout before printing.

Displaying Pages

Accessing Page Mode

To display a content on page mode

  • select Presentation / Page in the main menu
  • Ctrl / right click in the editor to access the contextual menu.
Page Size

The number of displayed pages can be modified via the page size menu.


To modify the page margins :

  1. Ctrl / right click in the editor

  2. select the Page layout menu item in the contextual menu.

    • Select Default to restore the default page margins.
    • Select Cancel to cancel values.
    • Press OK to validate.

Margins values are also effective on Normal presentation mode.

Parameters Displaying and Edition

Legibility : Slots and Score

Parametric values can also be displayed via the usual upper and lower Editor Control menus.

Font size and zoom can be adjusted via the usual menus.

Parametric Values Edition

Slots cannot be edited.

Notes and chord can be moved or deleted, but new pitches cannot be entered in the score.


To print the score :

  • select File / Print in the main menu
  • press Cmd + p .
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