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Score editors allow to visualize, listen to, modify, or create instances. Each score object – note , chord , chord-seq , voice , poly – has a specific score editor. Editors open with a double click on a factory box.

The displaying and parametric values of a note object can be controled directly via its editor.
The displaying and parametric values of a note object can be controled directly via its editor.

Score objects are organized in a simple hierarchy with growing levels of complexity, like in a matriochka. From the note to the poly , the panel of score editors shows a growing number of editing tools. All editors follow the paradigm of the note editor.

Windows Overview

The editor window opens along with a general palette , and a score inspector .

It shows a number of pop up menus, which allow to modify the displaying of the score, and an Editor Control on the lower left corner, dedicated to editing operations.

Score Inspector

The score inspector gives access to all the related data of a selected object, which can then possibly be modified.

The score inspector appears automatically at the selection of an item.

To display the score inspector, select the Window / Score Inspector menu.

Modifying Parametric Values via the Editor Control
General Palette

The general palette is declined over the set of score editors. It provides :

  • edition tools  : note , chord , group , measure , voice and poly tools,
  • a player
  • and two selection cursors .

The selected edition tool is displayed as small tag when hovering the mouse over the score  :

Objects and Edition Levels

Edition Tools Overview

Each of these levels can be accessed via dedicated edition tools.


Applies to



notes – within chords –

all editors



all editors but note editors


 rhythmic groups within measures

voice and poly editors


entire measures within a voice

voice and poly editors


 one or more voices at once 

voice and poly editors


a whole stack of voices at once

poly editors


The poly object integrates all edition levels : note , chord , group , measure , voice .

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