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Selection : List Boxes

List selection boxes allow to select one or several items among a list, return and use it/them in downstream computations.

There exist two list selection boxes :

  • single-item-list

  • multi-item-list


Inputs and Outputs

List selection boxes have one input and one output :

  • the "items" input is a list of atoms or strings to be displayed in the list

  • the output returns the selected item(s).

To set the content of a box :

  • click or SHIFT click on the box's input,

  • enter a list of items in the argument's data box.

When evaluated, the box returns the selected item.

Default Item

By default, the first item is selected and reset when the box is initialized.

Lock the Box to Preserve Its Items

If the box is not locked, the selected item as well as the list of items will be reinitialized when the box is evaluated.



The single-item-list allows to select only one item at a time.

To select an item,

  1. press b to lock the box,

  2. click on an item.


This box allows to select one or more items, which are returned as a list.

The multi-item-list is edited and used as as single-item-list .

  • To select consecutive items or all the items of the box, SHIFT click on the items or click and drag them.

  • To select independent items, Cmd click on them.

A Musical Application : an Extended Example

Building a Triad with an Item-List-Box, a Button-Box, and a Check Box
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